What is outsourcing?

Advantages of outsourced accounting

What advantages are there to having your accounting documents processed externally, that is outsourced?

  • Savings on labour costs
    the monthly fixed rate of an outsourced accounting company usually comes nowhere near the average gross salary of a full-time accountant.
  • Outsourced company
    the required outputs (reports, tax returns) are always provided on the date agreed; substitutability is guaranteed.
  • Savings on training corporate employees
    due to the constant changes of legislation, laws are amended every day. Professional trainings are paid by the outsourced company. The trainings cost thousands of Czech crowns per year.
  • Savings on software
    in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises the software of the accounting company can be used for the entire agenda. The only agenda run by the customer is, for example, the cash box or invoicing.

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